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New Make a difference at UUCLV! Get involved. Meet people. Provide a valuable service.

What are your talents? (e.g., tech whiz, love kids, organizer, food maker, woodworking, leadership, educator, enjoy helping others, good at set-up and take-down, clerical, music, storytelling, envelop stuffer…) 

How will you volunteer your time at UUCLV?

Read the list of volunteer opportunities below to help you decide. 
List of Volunteer Opportunities

On Sunday mornings


¨  Become a Sunday morning greeter or usher

¨  Engage with visitors before or after service

¨  Serve as a Worship Associate

¨  Make coffee around 9:30am

¨  Sweep or wash off front sidewalk on Sunday morning

¨  Serve families by being a nursery care provider or back up

¨  Provide rides to members in need of rides to church

¨  Lead or assist with family programs

¨  Teach Breeze after church

¨  Count collection money after services

¨  Bring or help with food for after service

¨  Give out notices for upcoming events

¨  Pass the donation plates

¨  Assist the Administrator (making copies, filing, accepting pledge forms, etc.)

¨  Serve as a Sunday building securer and door locker

Many Ways to Serve


¨  Membership (Kim Monette/Keri Poole)

o   Join the Membership Committee

§  Make welcoming phone calls to visitors to the church

§  Send welcoming emails to visitors and invite them to attend events

§  Serve on the membership committee to review best practices, and develop/maintain a process to integrate visitors into the congregation

§  Develop, order, print brochures

§  Identify friends ready to join

§  Schedule new member classes

§  Plan New Member Recognition Sunday (and gifts)

§  Plan outreach to Gay, Trans and Pagan Pride Events

§  Coordinate outreach volunteers

§  Lead retention efforts

o   Welcoming Congregation (Megan Walls)

§  Lead a training for members to learn ways to be more welcoming to a diversity of people

§  Help track congregational efforts to be welcoming

o   Greeters (Bobbie Lloyd)

§  Become a Sunday morning greeter

§  Engage with visitors before or after service and handle visitor forms and name tags

o   Ushers (Keri Poole)

§  Be an usher, monitor doors, hand out orders of service

§  Pass out orders of service and donation plates

o   Plan and/or help with Hospitality

§  Recruit volunteers (Mary Barden)

§  Lunch and Circle Supper coordination (Bette LaCombe)

§  Organize a dinner, recreational activity and/or another group event

§  Publicize event

§  Make or buy or donate money for food/drinks, paper products, etc.

§  Help set-up and/or clean-up

§  Greet people, take tickets, handle entrance fee (staff the door)

§  Help with decorations

§  Help run AV equipment

¨  Worship (Mark Bergtholdt)

o   Serve as a trained Worship Associate

o   In collaboration with Minister or Lay Leader, Worship Associates

assist by finding music, videos, and readings for the service

o   Help Worship Associate with straightening hymnals, stocking offering envelopes, filling the chalice, etc.

o   Lead a Time for All Ages, in collaboration with Minister and Worship Associates

o   Offer to light/extinguish the chalice

o   Offer lay-lead worship

o   Share your point of view during “Living Our UU Values” 

o   Lead singing or perform music

¨  Pastoral Care (Rev. Bailey)

o   Serve as a Pastoral Care Associate

o   Provide rides and/or meals to members in need

¨    Learn our A/V system and help run AV equipment (Keith McMillen/Geoff Poole)

o   Run or assist with A/V on Sunday morning

o   Help with A/V for other church events and meetings

¨  Facilities (Larry McAllister)

o   Organize a work party to improve some aspect of the building

o   Enhance the building by Saturday yard clean up

o   Serve on the Facilities Committee to maintain the building, meet with contractors, etc.

o   Share your ideas/suggestions for aesthetic improvements to our building, and organize a fund raiser, if needed for those improvements, help implement

o   Bring items that are broken, worn out or in need of cleaning to the attention of our admin (or fix/clean the items yourself)

¨  Families (Rory Solomon/Ariel Sublet)

o   Lead or assist with family programs

o   Lead or assist with educational programs like OWL

o   Help in nursery

o   Plan Family Friendly events

o   Provide child care for events

¨  Finance (Vernon Bell)

o   Serve on the Finance Committee

o   Count collection money after services

¨  Social Justice

o   Provide leadership for the Social Justice Committee

o   Plan or come to social justice actions (Joanne Leovy/Lisa Bailey/Mark Bergtholdt)

o   Volunteer at or help run the Food Pantry, 3rd Saturday morning of month (Mary Jane Brustman)

o   Organize a community service project for church members  

o   Join Nevadans for the Common Good core team at UUCLV or participate in actions (Karin Metcalf)

¨  Stewardship (Hilary Howarth)

o   Help with the Stewardship/Pledge Drive Campaign

o   Make Phone Calls, speak about your commitment to UUCLV, make thermometers to show progress toward a goal, plan a celebration

o   Administer and/or help with fundraising activities

And More


¨   Small Group Ministries (Ariel Sublet)

o   Join a group or organize a new group

o   Serve as a Chalice Circle or Seminarium liaison

¨  Help build and maintain the website and other social media

¨   Be on a team that promotes and chooses the 50/50 offering recipients (Rosary  


¨  Serve as building monitor for outside groups using the building

¨  Manage our media actions

¨  Assist in health ministry (Joanne Leovy); donate blood (Deborah Korol)

¨  Engage in Bookies Book Club (Jane Feldman) or Many Voices Storytelling for Adults (Mary Phillips)

¨  Maintain the church library

¨  Run occasional congregational errands for minister and/or staff

¨  Involve yourself in meetings; read and understand UUCLV policies, organizational chart, and bylaws to learn how decisions are made and by whom

¨  Say yes or express your interest in serving on Board of Trustees, Nominations Committee or Audit Committee (Mary Barden)

¨  Say yes to helping with other congregational committees and groups

¨  Other ideas?___________________________________________



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